Get Your Forklift Operators Certified!

Our certified instructors will help you steer clear of violations of the new OSHA rules regarding safe operation of Forklifts and associated equipment. We Offer classes with flexible schedules at our offices or your place of business.

We SAVE you money by avoiding costly fines. Contact us today for individual or group pricing plans!

OSHA requires that all forklift operators be trained. OSHA believe that a well trained operator is less likely to be invloved in an accident.

ASME B56.1 sets forth the following training requirements: Operator Qualifications, Only trained, authorized persons shall be permitted to operate a powered industrial truck. Operators of powered industrial trucks shall be qualified as to visual, auditory, physical and mental ability to operate the equipment safely. Call us today to Schedule Classes

Workplace safety for business

A Program to Assist with Training Operators of Powered Industrial Trucks in Order to Achieve Compliance with OSHA Law 29FR1910.178(1)

Our courses Covers

  • Lift Truck Basics
  • Pre-Operation Inspection
  • Handling characteristics
  • Load Handling
  • Balance and Stability
  • Fueling Procedures
  • Battery Changing and Charging

Driver Pricing:

  • $90 per person

Description of Class 

  • Fill out paper work.
  • Pre class Knowledge Evaluation questioner
  • Discuss of  knowledge evaluation
  • Video tape that covers the different segments.  At the end of each segment we pause, the tape and discuss what we learned.  Everyone is encouraged to ask questions.
  • Forklift Inspection by everyone with Q & A
  • Proper Handling and driven evaluation 
  • Written test and discussion. 

The process could take up to 4 hours.

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